“Claudia Paul receives 5 stars from me for her services as a headshot photographer. I had the pleasure of working with her this spring. She not only is an excellent photographer, she also pays attention to details, is warm, offers advice when asked, and is a joy to work with. She focuses on her client’s eyes and expression and essence. Before the shoot she offered advice about wardrobe. After sending her numerous texts of my favorite tops, we settled on several flattering outfits. Once at her studio we did revisions to match background colors and mood and jewelry choices.
Most importantly Claudia put me at ease. The whole shoot was lots of fun with my own favorite music playing in the background. As for cost I found her affordable. I chose her middle range package and was amazed how fast the time flew.
Thanks to Claudia I have my first pictures and have been contacted by Backstage. Please don’t hesitate to call her to help you with your career.”

"I just opened the photos and there are so many to chose from. Shooting with Claudia Paul was an amazing experience.  Claudia has the ability of making you extremely comfortable and drawing you out - so that your true personality comes through in the photos.  What I learned is that there is really "an art" to shooting headshots - and Claudia has it perfected.  She will help connect you to the camera - so that your head is in the right place and your eyes are full and warm.  This is not an easy feat and it takes a wonderful shooter like Claudia to make it happen for you.  The difference between my first photo and just a few photos into the process were dramatic. [...]   Claudia feels your energy and works with it.  She is mild mannered and engaging.  You are working with a true partner and director who does it subtly and collaborative.  She is thinking and perfecting at every turn.  It was a true joy to work with her.
Claudia recommended Virna Acosta as the makeup artist for the shoot.  She was terrific, and I highly recommend her as well.  Virna helped to make every look different by tweaking the eyes and the hair -- so it looked like you woke up on a different day to take each shot.  We worked collaboratively with Claudia to match what we were doing to every background.  It became an organic process where everyone could give ideas for the best result.  For example, for the black background, we did smokier eyes and  hair to one side -- all in order to give it the final look.
Time with Claudia and Virna went by quickly and magically. I assure you will have fantastic pictures and a wonderful day.  You will also learn about yourself and become closer to what is truly inside.  Enjoy!"

"I felt so comfortable to be myself while shooting with Claudia. She creates a relaxed atmosphere and gives lots of opportunity to feel confident and energized in the photo session. The photos turned out wonderfully!"

"Very excited about this new work from Doppelganger Photos. I've shot with photographer Claudia Paul for years and her dedication to creating an environment to connect with her subject is cool, confident, caring and always yields results I love after fun afternoons."                                                                                                                            

"Choosing was the hardest part! I've never been this happy with my headshots. Thanks!!!"

"I have never felt more comfortable than when I shot with Claudia. You could tell she had everything under control. She is personable and fun which makes it so easy to be yourself from the moment you arrive. She's just as excited and having just as much fun shooting you as you are to have headshots taken which is so refreshing. You can definitely tell that she only wants you to be happy. The pictures were so good, I couldn't let her delete any because I didn't want to end up missing one! I have never been more happy, looked more myself and felt more confident about using a headshot until I used Claudia! If you want to get it right the first time, look no further.”

"Please allow me to express my gratitude for the fantastic shoot yesterday. I've been a model (on and off) for the better part of 20 years.  I do a lot of commercial work, and I 'know' what my face needs to look like, from the inside, to 'nail' that perfect, smiling, commercial shot.  So to shoot with you yesterday, in search of that soul-bearing, more honest, more vulnerable, beauty shot was a wonderful challenge.
...I noticed that your attention to detail and ability to read the light was extraordinary. 
...I felt comfortable with you immediately....Had I not been comfortable, I wouldn't have been able to allow myself to be vulnerable with you; to try new poses, to discard my arsenal of expressions, to do what I do in most shoots - 'theusual.' Instead, I found myself working at a higher level.  I grew as a model.  I trusted your expertise completely and ultimately exposed my soul.  Am I a better model for this experience?  Absolutely.  And for this, I am thankful.  I would shoot with you anytime."

"I need new headshots". Every year or so the actor looks and realizes he needs new ones. They are his calling card. The thing that upon viewing will determine if the casting director stops suddenly and says hmm that's an interesting face. So that must capture who I am and the many possibilities of who I could be. Who should I call? I HAVE THE ANSWER! I highly recommend Claudia for your next headshots . She is highly skilled with her camera and is open, friendly and able to put you at ease in front of her lens. I have never enjoyed a photo shoot more and never gotten better headshots. She is also the most beautiful photographer I've seen and that's always a plus. So do yourself a favor and have Claudia give you the best headshots you've ever had."

"Shooting with Claudia was not only a pleasure, it was fun :-) Her authentic, lighthearted and free-spirited soul put me in the best possible mindset to look great, and represent my best self. She generously allowed me the space I needed to get lost in my thoughts."

"Claudia is great to work with. She's always flexible on the job, handling last minute delays and changes with the utmost professional and calm attitude. Her positive and relaxed approach put everyone at ease and our staff enjoyed working with her. We were all thoroughly satisfied with our headshots! And Claudia had a quick turn-around on edits and delivered everything on time."

"Claudia has this calm energy about her. It put me at ease. She never rushed anything. She has a way of bringing out your true self in her pictures."